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Dec 8, 2020

Simple, quick and easy Business Insurance tailored for architects like you.

As an architect, you have unique risks unlike other professions because you offer a specific service that, if done incorrectly, can create a lot of financial and physical damage. These are losses that, without insurance, you and your business can be held liable to pay for. That's why it's crucial and highly recommended for architects to, not only, have business insurance, but to also have the right types of coverages too. The reality is that we're all human and can easily make mistakes - no matter how hard we try not to! Having the right architect insurance coverage allows you to be prepared for, not "if" but, when you have to file a claim - whether it's for a flood in your office, a cyber breach or an error in your design.

What types of Business Insurance coverage do Architects need?

Some common insurance coverages architects should consider are:

More on E&O for Architects

For architects, the coverage that is the most important for you to consider is Errors and Omissions (E&O). As previously mentioned, for architects, an accident, miscalculation or human error can cause a significant amount of loss and damage. A customer may simply be unsatisfied with the result of your work; this can even be a completely unfounded claim but it is a claim nonetheless that will require legal and financial support to deal with. E&O Insurance can help provide the coverage and support that is imperative for you to have as an architect.

When Do You Need Architect Insurance Coverage?

Commercial General Liability (CGL)

You have an office for consultations and meetings. You didn't have time to add salt on your entryway outside on a particularly cold morning; unfortunately, one of your clients coming to meet you slips on the icy pavement and hurts their back. Your CGL insurance helps to cover the cost of medical fees and damages.

Cyber Liability

As an architect, you store a significant amount of sensitive and private info about other businesses and future, unannounced structures. After one of your employees shares their passwords with an account that was pretending to be you, your business suffers a cyber breach - putting your clients and their data at risk. Your Cyber Liability Insurance helps provide coverage for the damages and the cost of a response team.

Errors & Omissions (E&O)

Accidentally, you miscalculate the size of a room in your plans. When contractors begin work on the building based on your measurements, they realize that the door the designer chose out will not fit in the entry. The developer ultimately files a lawsuit against you for the cost of materials and other damages due to your error.

What Makes Foxquilt Smarter?

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As previously mentioned, it's imperative to have the correct Architect Insurance coverage due to the nature of your profession. It's also important to speak to an insurance professional to determine the correct amounts needed for your coverages and if you need additional policies to fill any gaps or exclusions. Our Foxquilt team understands every business is unique; they'll work with you to find coverages built for your specific architecture firm and provide you with the right solutions tailored to your business. You can access exclusive discounts on your insurance by joining the Foxquilt community. Get started today.

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