What is Abuse Liability Coverage?


Dec 8, 2020

Learn what is Abuse Liability Insurance and how it can help your business

Whether an abuse claim is true or false, your business will be held accountable - even if it may not be directly to blame for it. Without insurance, not only can this cause a significant financial loss due to legal fees and damages, an abuse claim can significantly harm the reputation of your business. As business owners, it's hard to believe, or even have to consider, that abuse may happen in your business from a member of your team; but the reality is that it is possible. Having the right Abuse Liability coverage to protect your business can help alleviate an already stressful and upsetting situation because you'll, proactively, have the right support in place. Let's dive into how Abuse Liability coverage supports your business and who needs Abuse Liability.

What is Abuse Liability Coverage?

Abuse Liability Coverage can help protect your business or organization during claims against your staff or volunteers for the abuse of people in your responsibility or care. More specifically, Abuse Liability helps provide coverage for legal costs and the cost of damages. Without this coverage, a claim and the financial costs around it could even close down your business.

Who Needs Abuse Liability Insurance?

Some businesses that should highly consider Abuse Liability include but are not limited to:

  • Schools, daycares and other educational organizations

  • Camps

  • Religious organizations

  • Sport centres, teams or leagues

  • Recreational organizations

  • Retirement, nursing homes and assisted living

  • Non-profits

  • Health & Wellness clubs or associations

  • Youth programs

  • And so on...

When Would You Need Abuse Liability Coverage?

Abuse may seem like a straightforward situation but like with many things, abuse claims can be complex. For example, one of your staff members or volunteers may not think they intentionally caused abuse but the harm done to the victim can definitely be enough to warrant a lawsuit and claim from them. Due to the complex nature of the abuse, the liability coverage can cover claims for various reasons such as:

  • Physical abuse or violence

  • Sexual abuse

  • Mental abuse like bullying or harassment

  • Discrimination (race, gender, age, sexuality, disability, religion etc)

  • Failure to report abuse

  • And so on...

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We hope that helps explain what Abuse Liability coverage is and why it's so important for your business to have. As we mentioned before, it's an unsettling thought to have to consider but it is also, unfortunately, a reality you may have to face that you'll want to be fully prepared when the day comes. One of the best precautions you can already take is getting the proper Business Insurance coverage, like Abuse Liability Insurance, to protect you and your business. Our Foxquilt team can help review your business, find you customized coverages and provide you with the right solution. You can access exclusive discounts on your insurance by joining the Foxquilt community. Get started today.

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