Will My eCommerce Insurance Cover My Business at an Event?


Jun 28, 2023

So you’re taking your eCommerce business to the physical world at an event, congrats! You also just found out that the event is looking for proof of insurance. You know you already have insurance coverage for your online business but you’re not sure if it’ll cover you for the event - no problem! We’ll break down what kinds of events ask for proof of insurance, what business insurance you need as an event vendor and if your current Foxquilt eCommerce insurance can be used as your vendor insurance.

Common Events That Require Proof of Insurance:

  • Trade Shows
  • Festivals
  • Farmers’ Markets
  • Craft Shows
  • Flea Markets
  • Exhibitions
  • Pop-Ups

What Insurance is Required for Vendors at an Event?

Commercial General Liability and Product Liability are usually the most common coverages event organizers are looking for when it comes to business insurance; so that if something were to occur because of your business and the goods you’re selling, they know you have insurance to respond with. Sometimes organizers look for additional coverages too; we recommend checking with the organizers or on your vendor contract to confirm what coverages they require.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability or CGL Insurance is considered one of the main building blocks of business insurance since it helps cover common risks, like if your business causes bodily injury or property damage. Typically, CGL is the base coverage that events are looking for you to carry - like in case someone injures themselves at your booth.

Product Liability

Product Liability is a similar liability insurance coverage to CGL in that it protects your business if a product you sold causes someone bodily injury or property damage. An example where your product liability helps protect you is if you sell a food product, and despite proper storage and labeling, your product makes someone sick. Your insurance can help cover legal and medical fees.

Can I Use My eCommerce Insurance to Cover My Business at an Event?

If you already have insurance for your eCommerce business, you may be able to use it to cover you at your event. Some eCommerce business insurance policies are designed to protect you if you have traditional (or non-online sales,) like at an event. We highly recommend checking with your insurance provider if your current policy will carry over as an event vendor and if your current policy meets the amount of coverage the event is requiring.

As an event vendor, you’ll likely need to add the event as an “additional insured.” Basically, this means that if something were to happen due to your business, the event organizers will be protected too by your insurance. Some insurance providers will charge a fee for COIs, but Foxquilt does not!

Will My Foxquilt eCommerce Insurance Protect My Business at an Event?

Already have Foxquilt’s eCommerce insurance? You’re set! Our eCommerce insurance has CGL and Product Liability coverage built in already so if you’re going to attend a festival, farmers’ market, whatever it may be, your insurance will follow and protect your business should something happen.

If you’re an eCommerce business owner without insurance being required to show proof of insurance for an event, Foxquilt might be the perfect fit for you! Our Foxquilt eCommerce insurance product is built to meet online marketplace requirements, like Amazon’s insurance rules, and cover you if you attend a physical event - like a craft show or farmers’ market. On top of it all, you can quote and buy your insurance - all online, in minutes. We even send your policy documents instantly over email! Check us out; get insured today.

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