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Commercial General Liability (“CGL”) insurance is a key building block to protecting almost any business. If your business interacts with the public in most any way (yes, even virtually), CGL business insurance will help protect your business from harm. While we tend to think of CGL as just covering slip and falls on a premises, the truth is that it can do so much more.

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Save up to 35% on smarter business insurance for Commercial General Liability Insurance

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What is CGL Insurance for Businesses?

Commercial general liability is the cornerstone of business insurance. It protects a business from bodily injury claims or property damage claims, which can occur even if they are disconnected from the nature of the business. It can cover the physical premises of the business (such as that classic parking lot slip and fall), bodily injury (if a customer is injured or harmed by something that you sell), or any property damage either on your own property or a property where you are performing work.

Who Needs Commercial General Liability Business Insurance?

While it sounds cliche to say that ‘every business needs CGL insurance,’ most every business does. If your business interacts with the public in any way, there is some potential for harm, whether that customer or client is harmed by something that you sell or by work that you perform on their property. Even virtual businesses should carry commercial general liability business insurance. If you have a business that operates from home but is marketing a product or service to the public, CGL will protect your business from any of your advertising risk. If you do interact with the public in any way, like visiting their home or business, and happen to break a window on their property, CGL will cover that as well.

Examples of Commercial General Liability Insurance Claims

Slip and Fall

Accidental Damage

Damage to Clients Property

Client slips and breaks their hip

A client is visiting your office, and slips in a puddle of melted snow left behind from the last customer’s winter boots. Even despite having a rubber boot mat, the person who slips breaks a hip and is seriously injured.

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