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In the Prairie State, there's 1.2 million small businesses in Illinois - making your business and you an important part of the economy. Your insurance should be just as important; whether you’re a small employer, an owner/operator, or a subcontractor, business insurance is of the essence. Foxquilt makes sure small businesses, like yours, are treated with the customization that it deserves.

What makes Foxquilt different?

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Tailored To Your Business

We offer exclusive policies customized to fit your business needs and goals as a business owner.

Create Your Policy In Just A Few Taps

When technology and human expertise combine, you get flexible and helpful insurance options - whenever, wherever!

Only Pay For What You Need

Our quotes let you save up to 35% on your premiums and trim down your policy to only the coverage details that will benefit your business.

Rated 5 stars by business owners

See why other business owners, just like you, love Foxquilt's smarter coverage, 5-star service and insurance built for them.

Purchasing my small business insurance policy through Foxquilt was a BREEZE! My documents were sent to my email within minutes of my purchase. Thank you for making insurance easy for me!read more


Super impressed. Very user friendly site/application. Had my insurance policy within an hour! Super happy with the price, policy, coverage and overall serviceread more


Best customer service ever! Fair prices. Easy to understand and easy to access and navigate. Hands down, LOVE Foxquilt!read more


Insurance for Illinois Small Business Owners

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What Insurance Coverages Do Illinois Small Businesses Need?

The basis of most small business insurance policies is CGL or Commercial General Liability. This common (but mighty!) coverage can protect your business from claims such as property damage or third-party injury. You're not mandated to have CGL business insurance in Illinois but that doesn't mean you can easily grow your business without it. Many events, vendors, landlords or contracts will require seeing proof of this coverage. Plus, having it is a prudent move as a business owner.

Other coverages to consider are Professional Liability (E&O), Cyber Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Mobile Equipment, and Commercial Property.

As a business owner in Illinois, you should also consider Workers’ Compensation. WC can help cover medical expenses and lost wages after a workplace accident. Businesses with employees are also usually required by law in Illinois to have Workers' Comp. Learn more about Workers' Compensation requirements in Illinois.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial Property Insurance

Workers’ Compensation

Why Foxquilt Insurance is Built for Illinois Small Businesses

Small business owners are always on-the-go with little free time; we totally understand! We made sure Foxquilt insurance is built for your schedule, not ours. Foxquilt’s online quote and purchase process means that you can get Illinois small business insurance whenever, wherever you want. For real; it only takes around 10 minutes!

On top of that, we offer you no-fee payment options! Foxquilt knows cash flow is king for small business owners.

Have a question during the online application? Hit “Need Help” and one of our Foxquilt experts can support you.

Commercial General Liability Insurance Claim Examples

Slips and Falls

Property Damage

Workplace Injury

Client slips and breaks their hip

A client slips on a soapy floor in their home after they hire you for a professional cleaning

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