Cross-Border Amazon Seller Insurance for Canadians Selling in the US


Jun 28, 2023

It’s no secret to Canadian-based Amazon sellers that the US presents a huge market opportunity. It’s probably why you’re already a cross-border Amazon seller or considering becoming one. Finding a cross-border Amazon insurance solution though can be a bit challenging; how do you find Canadian-based insurance that will provide coverage for your sales outside of Canada? Let’s break down some tips on getting insurance for Canadian-based Amazon sellers selling in the US.

First off, What Are Amazon’s Insurance Requirements?

If you’re looking into Amazon’s insurance requirement, you’ve more than likely gotten Amazon’s “10k letter” and are now being required to show proof of insurance to them. As you already probably know, you can’t just get any insurance policy; your policy has to meet all of Amazon’s requirements. This is where it can get tricky for Amazon sellers based outside of the US but selling on

One of Amazon’s requirements include, “The policy must cover all sales from products you have listed on the store.” If you’re based outside of the US in Canada but have products listed on the US Amazon store, your policy needs to cover those sales - and your sales in Canada if you also sell there.

What Can Canadian-Based Amazon Sellers Selling in the US do about Business Insurance?

You need to specifically shop for insurance providers and brokers that can provide a cross-border solution. Other than the ability to fulfill Amazon’s requirements, look for wording like “cross-border coverage” or “US sales accepted.”

We won’t sugar coat it; your options will seem less limited as not every company can provide this coverage. Some companies too also provide this coverage but at a higher cost or an additional markup.

Foxquilt’s Cross-Border Amazon Seller Insurance

Like you, we’re also a cross-border business with offices in Canada and the US. We designed our eCommerce business insurance product around your specific needs as a Canadian seller selling in the US. Foxquilt’s eCommerce insurance meets all of Amazon’s requirements and we accept sales in the US and Canada - even 100% US sales!

There’s no extra cost for our cross-border solution; our eCommerce product is already designed that way. Plus, we made our entire process online so you can quote, buy and receive your policy docs all online, in minutes. Seriously. You won’t have to wait for a call back or paper documents in the mail; it’s just as easy and instant as renting a movie on Amazon.

See how Foxquilt meets all of Amazon’s requirements:

Cross-border amazon seller insurance for Canadians selling in the US does exist! Get insured today with Foxquilt.

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