How to Leverage Social Media to Promote Your Health and Fitness Business


Mar 16, 2021

How to Use Social Media to Promote a Health and Fitness Business

Social Media has changed the way we live and interact with each other; it has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. So much so that over 50% of the world’s population is on social media! This is due to increasing internet penetration, rising disposable income and the low barriers to entry. This has implications for all businesses like yours. If you own a Health and Fitness business, you should definitely consider how you can effectively use social media to market your business to customers. Below are a couple of tips to help you think get started in the right direction:

Choose the Right Platform for Your Health and Fitness Business

Every social network has its pros and cons that you, as a health and fitness business, have to consider before building your presence there. Instagram and Facebook are two of the most used social media networks in the health and fitness space. You should establish a business profile (which is free by the way!) to get the most out of these platforms - like being able to see insights about your audience. TikTok is another content creation platform that you can leverage to make fun and inspiring videos on health and fitness. If you are into detailed step by step tutorials, podcasts or how-to videos, Youtube can serve as an awesome platform for reaching out to your potential customers. LinkedIn is a great platform that can be used to reach out and work with other businesses to form partnerships. It's important to consider where you want to improve your business, what content you want to produce and which platform will help support that mission.

Content Is King

The average attention span of a user on social media is just short of three seconds. That is exactly how much time you have to make a memorable impression in front of your customers! Ensure that your content is fun, easy to watch and informative. You can make use of different formats of content such as testimonial videos, blog posts, infographics, interactive posts, tips and tricks, reviews, offers or newly launched services to keep your audience engaged. You can also share health and fitness related content from other websites and sources that you think your audience will find valuable.

Consider Paid Advertising or Influencer Marketing

One way of gaining momentum fast on social media is by using paid marketing campaigns. You can target users on the basis of their interests and promote your business to them. For example, users who like health and fitness related pages can be targeted for fitness related services. You also have an option of controlling other parameters of the users you are targeting such as their location, age, language and so on. Ideally, your social media strategy should be a combination of organic posts and paid campaigns in order to accelerate the presence of your brand on social media.

Alternatively, you could also consider influencer marketing. This is a trending form of brand promotion in social media where you partner up with influencers from the health and fitness space and then through the influencer, reach out to their fans and followers about your products and services. This gives you greater visibility online.

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In whatever way you choose to use social media to promote your Health and Fitness business, remember to be consistent; this will ensure that you get results. While you grow your business through social media, it's also important to protect your business from unique risks that it's exposed to. Our team of experts here at Foxquilt can help you get customized coverage, like Professional Liability and Cyber Insurance, depending on your business needs and help you get peace of mind. With our new online platform, you can also buy business insurance for your Health and Fitness business instantly and all online. Get started and buy online all in the same day!

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