Foxquilt Customer Spotlight: Wrmth


Jan 15, 2021

Learn more about Wrmth, how they started and how Foxquilt helped with their unique heated outdoor furniture.

Our Foxquilt team was able to help Wrmth, a Canadian company handcrafting outdoor heated furniture, with Business Insurance tailored to their needs. We spoke with Wrmth's Co-founder, John Pomeroy, to learn more about how they started, what's to come for Wrmth and how Foxquilt helped them find the right insurance built for their business.

Meet Wrmth

Tell us about Wrmth. What is it?

Pomeroy: is a homegrown Canadian company crafting outdoor heated furniture and lifestyle experiences steeped in Canadian Heritage and the enjoyment of the great outdoors.

When did Wrmth start?

Pomeroy: Founded and bootstrapped by a team of experienced technology entrepreneurs with a zest for life's finer moments in the outdoors recognized a need and a gap in available products in the market. We are committed to solving the age old (and now thanks to COVID-19 urgent) problem of how to keep people comfortably warm and socially distanced while relaxing outdoors in cooler climates. Across Canada, our local restaurants are struggling under the newly imposed regulations for social distancing. Even if they are allowed to open indoor dining, their capacity is limited and losing the use of their outdoor spaces through the winter and cool spring months is a massive burden on their potential to remain profitable. Wrmth “Hotspots” aim to solve that.

How did you start Wrmth?

Pomeroy: After experiencing a custom heated solution at a boutique hotel in California a little over a year ago, an idea was born for more accessible heated furniture ideal for the Canadian market. Fortunately work on the concept and business plan was well underway when new urgency for a solution emerged thanks to COVID-19. Wrmth is about heating people, not heating outdoor spaces. Our collections present a personalized, warm, Eco-friendly outdoor experience - iconic to the Canadian experience, focused on providing heat only when and where it is needed. Outdoor propane heaters simply don’t measure up, expelling green-house gasses at a furious rate and yet failing to truly warm the space around them or comfortably warming the people below them.

What is the future of Wrmth?

Pomeroy: Wrmth is launching our 100% Ontario made products with deployments at multiple locations across York Region starting in February of 2021. Within 3 years Wrmth intends to enter the market in the North East USA, then expand into other regions of the USA shortly after. Competition does exist proving the thesis that there is demand, though all the competitors identified so far are regional in nature and don’t currently operate in Ontario. Regardless of the lack of local competition, the Wrmth team will apply their technology backgrounds to deliver solutions that are unique by comparison to all those found so far and will continue to be differentiated by advanced technical designs, materials, and unique aesthetics.

Manufacturing in Ontario and supporting our local economy is at the core of Wrmth’s operational plan. We believe that keeping the jobs and dollars here must be a high priority for industries across the province in the coming years. It all starts at home where we feed the local economy through retained jobs in the hospitality industry, in the design industry and in the manufacturing industry.

How Foxquilt Helped Wrmth With Tailored Business Insurance

When did you realize you needed insurance for your business? Why did you ultimately choose Foxquilt for your insurance needs?

Pomeroy: With our products being placed in business and residences across the province, we realized the need for suitable insurance coverage to protect our company and our clientele alike. Having worked previously with Foxquilt, one of our co-founders knew immediately that they would be the right place to start to find a well crafted, easily accessible insurance package suited to current needs and, with the help of the Foxquilt team, scalable as needed while the company grows. Foxquilt simply makes it fast and simple getting all the details with no fuss, providing guidance and probing carefully to make sure we arrived at a reasonable quote for the right coverage in just a few days.

Who did you work with and would you recommend Foxquilt to your community?

Pomeroy: Kassa Kebede, our advisor at Foxquilt, was super responsive, working extra hours and through the holiday season to help get things squared away. I will be recommending Foxquilt to others at every opportunity.

And finally, how has getting the right insurance coverage affected your business?

Pomeroy: With the right insurance coverage in place, we can confidently go forward knowing that our clients and our company have appropriate coverage.

Learn what Business Insurance do you need in Ontario.

Check out Wrmth's website and their beautiful and practical heated outdoor furniture! You can also follow them on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram. At Foxquilt, we love supporting local businesses, like Wrmth, by providing tailored, smarter Business Insurance solutions using our quick and simple process. Our Foxquilt team can work with you to determine what your business needs and find solutions tailored to your unique business with exclusive savings too! Get a quote today.

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