5 Tips for Those Starting a New Business


Feb 4, 2021

Tips for new entrepreneurs

Starting a new business is tricky, especially since there are so many things that you have to think of and do yourself. We know it can get confusing at times to keep track of all the crucial activities that you have to do to help your business succeed. We highlighted some basic things to keep in mind while starting a new business so that you can start on the right note, stay organized and grow fast!

Build a sound business plan

Your business plan should address a real problem in the market, have a defined target audience and have a clear value proposition that differentiates your business from your competitors. Having this in place will ensure that your basics are sorted and that you don’t struggle while explaining the business USP (unique selling proposition) to your customers or your employees.

Get the right team together

A good team is essential to a successful business. Analyze the skills needed to run the business successfully and figure out what part of the equation you bring to the table. Then, try to find equally motivated and ambitious people who have complementary skills needed to run the business. Bring them in as partners or employees who can take some of the load off your head, can hustle and can get stuff done.

Assess your finances

How do you plan to fund your business and capital intensive tasks like hiring, marketing and operations? Even if you are going to try to raise funds from the market, you should plan to have at least two years of runaway to give your new business a chance to succeed - in case you don’t get the funds immediately. Every business is unique, so assess the options you have in the context of the business you are running and then decide on the most viable one.

Market your business to customers

If your potential customers don’t know about your business, what's the point in running it? Make a proper marketing strategy to reach out to your target audience. Do some market research on what your competitors are doing and take cues from them. Additionally, having an online presence for your business is crucial in today’s world. Build your own website and create your businesses’ presence on social media. List your business on Google My Business, a handy free resource from Google, and all other local business directories. Make sure you're present where your customers are looking; for example, consider running ads to reach more of your customers. Scale up what is working; scale down what's not. Experiment, monitor, optimize and repeat!

Get a good insurance policy

In today’s environment, there are a lot of factors that can be entirely out of your control; your business can be exposed to a unique set of risks- from cyberattacks to unexpected disasters. Plus, in today's litigious society, your customers can sue you for a variety of reasons - even if you're not at fault. That's why you need smart insurance that can protect you from claims, whether unfounded or legit, and can protect you and your business from legal and financial implications. With a thorough insurance policy, you can get peace of mind and focus on getting the best results for your customers. Our Foxquilt team can help provide you with smarter insurance tailored to the needs of your new business so you'll know you're protected if you have a claim. Get started on your quote today!

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