Does Foxquilt Meet the Amazon or Wayfair Seller Insurance Requirements?


Jun 28, 2023

When it comes to our Foxquilt eCommerce insurance, it’s a question our team hears daily, “Will this meet Amazon seller insurance requirements? Will this meet Wayfair seller insurance requirements?”

As an online seller, you're in the business of providing products to customers. That comes with liability risks should your product hurt someone or something. Whether you're looking for insurance because you've been prompted by a marketplace, vendor or client, or you're ready to ensure your business has what it needs - you're in the right place. We’ll keep the answer short and sweet: Yep! Foxquilt’s eCommerce insurance meets all Amazon seller insurance requirements, as well as Wayfair insurance requirements. We’re in the industry of peace of mind so we’ll break down how Foxquilt checks everything off.

What Are the Amazon Seller Insurance Requirements?

If you’ve gotten a notice from Amazon requiring you to prove your insurance, it also likely mentioned that you need to have insurance that meets their specific requirements. Wondering why Amazon is requiring seller insurance from you? More info on Amazon’s “10k rule”.

We’ve laid out the insurance requirements in the table below for Amazon. Heads up, technically doesn’t require insurance in the same way (US) does but we still recommend having insurance to ensure your business is protected in case your product damages something or someone.

We know insurance lingo is a headache to read through so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team! They’re more than happy to walk you through what Amazon is looking for.

What Are the Wayfair Insurance Requirements?

Wayfair insurance is similar to Amazon with some slight differences. First off, unlike Amazon who only requires insurance after you hit a certain number in sales, Wayfair requires your proof of business insurance before being able  to sell on their platform.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Foxquilt team if you have any questions about Wayfair’s insurance requirements; we’re more than happy to talk it out with you!

Foxquilt’s eCommerce insurance makes it easy for you to get insured. Whether you work with Foxquilt directly or through a broker partner, your insurance experience is going to be quick and easy with Foxquilt! Check it out here.

“Foxquilt’s eCommerce insurance meets all Amazon seller insurance requirements, as well as Wayfair insurance requirements.”

Does Foxquilt Insurance Meet Amazon & Wayfair Insurance Requirements?

Let’s cut to the chase: yep! When we designed our Foxquilt eCommerce insurance product, we made sure it would meet marketplace seller requirements in one easy package. We have seen time and time again how frustrating it is for eCommerce small business owners to get insurance easily. It feels even harder to make sure your policy will fulfill all requirements when you can’t find all the details you need in one place.

That’s why we made sure to provide an insurance product that does the work for you:

By the way, this isn’t explicitly mentioned by Amazon but we have seen it come up as a pain point for Canadian Amazon sellers that sell in Canada and the US. Like mentioned, Amazon requires your insurance to cover all sales from your Amazon store - that means Canadian and US sales if you sell to both. Our Foxquilt eCommerce insurance covers cross-border Canadian & US sales (as long as they’re approved products and operations disclosed to us.) No huge price mark-ups, no need to get a US address just for insurance - seriously!

That’s Why eCommerce Business Owners Love Foxquilt

We wanted to make sure that we not only made the best Wayfair and Amazon seller insurance, but that we also had the easiest buying experience to pair with it! That’s why eCommerce business owners and insurance pros think Foxquilt is the best insurance for eCommerce businesses. At Foxquilt, you can quote and buy your Wayfair or Amazon seller insurance all online, in minutes. We know insurance can often be an afterthought and that the last thing you need is to have to wait for someone to call you back just to get a quote. Foxquilt sends your policy documents instantly over email too and quickly provides your custom COI for Amazon or Wayfair. Ready to check business insurance off your to-do list? Get insured and meet your requirements today with Foxquilt.

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