Small Business Marketing Ideas for the Spring


Feb 22, 2020

Once the weather gets warmer and the sun begins to shine, everyone is filled with a sense of excitement and rejuvenation! It's an inspiring feeling to take action and start anew like with spring cleaning. If you're a business owner, you can definitely use this season of change and revitalization to jump start sales using these small business marketing ideas:

Sun's Out

With warmer weather, everyone is excited to be able to shed their winter coats and be in the sun for a change. If you're a small business owner who serves food or drinks, an easy way to attract business is to put out outdoor seating - especially if you have a patio space. Once the weather warms up, people want to soak it up as much as possible; it's enough to sway some customers to choose a place with outdoor seating over another without.

You should also begin to change your menu items with foods and drinks people want to consume in the spring. Instead of winter drinks like hot chocolate, think lemonade and smoothies! If you own a restaurant, consider what fruits and veggies go into season in spring too.


Along with warm weather comes more outdoor events and farmer markets. These outdoor events often see a lot of foot traffic especially because people itch to get out in the sun for once. Even if you don't sell a lot of your goods and services at these events, they are always good for exposure to get your small business's name out in the public eye.


There is a plethora of holidays in the spring that you can take advantage of to promote your business: Earth Day, Easter, Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day and so on. All of these are marketing opportunities to promote special sales or to bring in specific merchandise relevant to those holidays.

Social Media

This final tip can apply to all of the previous tips and to your small business all year round - utilize your social media channels! Whether you're going to be at an event, have your patio ready or have a special Easter sale, you should promote it on your social media channels. Social media can be a simple and free way to bring awareness and traffic to your small business.

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If you have a local small business community, it's worth asking them if they have any marketing tips as well. At Foxquilt, you can leverage your small business community by joining up with other entrepreneurs and owners to get better buying power on your business insurance.

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