Product Ideas for eCommerce Businesses | Boxing Day 2022


Dec 15, 2022

Product Ideas for eCommerce, Amazon or Dropshipping Businesses | Boxing Day 2022

Boxing Day is one of the busiest sales seasons in Canada. As an eCommerce seller, you may be wondering, “Why would anybody shop on Boxing Day after they spent so much on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?” Easy: it’s one of the last few chances for consumers to take advantage of sales that won’t happen again until next season. Also, it’s a great excuse to spend any gift cards they received during the holidays to make bigger ticket-item purchases they have been eyeing all year-round!

So, here are Foxquilt's top predictions for hot sales items during Boxing Day 2022 and why you should sell them as an eCommerce entrepreneur, Amazon store or dropshipping business:

Electronic Accessories

FitBit & Apple Watch Bands

Smart watches are a great way to satisfy the tech-focused customer looking to enhance their toolkit of wearable technology. Consumers may have just gotten a new smart watch as a holiday gift and are on the hunt for a different band to customize their new tech!

Phone Cases

With Apple’s recent lineup of iPhones, cases are a great way to express the consumer’s personality and protect their phone at the same time. Some trending cases are MagSafe compatible cases, wireless charging cases and eco-friendly cases.

Mobile Phone Charms

Add a bit more pizzazz to their mobile phone by adding on charms for a Y2K retro vibe; these charms are trending all over TikTok!

Health & Wellness

Athletic Wear

The popularity of workout clothing, like yoga pants and bike shorts, has not shown any signs of slowing down; athleisure is all the craze when the consumer can go from the couch to the gym.


Supplements, such as whey protein, collagen and Vitamin D, are a great addition to your store! New years resolution-makers are looking to make a change in their lives.


Post-recovery is important for hard days at the gym, plus self-massagers are always great tools to have at home for aches and pains.

Work From Home Essentials

Ergonomic Chairs

Many consumers have continued working from home and are often looking for ways to upgrade the comfort of their home office, including posture while sitting for long hours at a desk.

Adjustable Tables

Speaking of posture, adjustable standing desks are here to stay as many remote workers enjoy having the flexibility of switching between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Laptop Stands & Desk Mats

Laptop stands and desk mats are easy ways to jazz up the appearance, organization and functionality of a desk.

We hope these 2022 Boxing Day product ideas help spark some inspiration for your own eCommerce, Amazon or dropshipping businesses! Having eCommerce insurance can help protect your business and ensure a successful new year; our Foxquilt eCommerce product meets all marketplace insurance requirements - like Amazon or Wayfair’s - in one, easy, online insurance product. Get insured today!

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