How to Protect Your Business Property While It's Closed


May 8, 2020

As an attempt to flatten the curve and reduce the spread of COVID-19, businesses have had to temporarily close their doors across the country. Similar to when you leave your home during a vacation, you don't just lock up your business's doors and leave without some preparation. Without the right precautions, having your business sit closed and idle can make it susceptible to the dangers of nature and society. Here are some tips to follow as you're temporarily closing during the outbreak to protect your business property while it's closed and idle:


You can reduce the temperature of your building to conserve energy while your business is closed since no one will be inside anyways. 15 degrees Celsius or 59 degrees Fahrenheit is a safe temperature to use to save energy and ensure that your pipes will not freeze.

Check your water and sprinkler system to make sure it is functioning and that there are no leaks.

Remove any garbage, any obstructions or excess vegetation near your property. If you have a parking lot, it is recommended to block it off too to discourage vehicles from using it. If you store or sell food products, discard anything that can spoil (send your employees a care package!)


Maintain lighting around your building to protect your business while it's closed. It can give the sense that it is still protected and being watched over even if it is closed.

Make sure your cameras, alarms and other security measures are functioning and in place. They can be your eyes and ears while your business idle and you are away from the property.

Store anything valuable in a safe. Avoid keeping excess cash on the premises or in the register.

If you or someone else is healthy and able to maintain physical distancing, it is recommended that someone check on the property once a day to make sure everything is alright. If something were to happen to your business's property while you and your staff are away, it is better to take notice of it earlier than later.


As the weather warms up and the spring showers begin, we are all still susceptible to flooding and water damage during the current outbreak. Check on your roof, drains, spouts and valves for any damage. Water damage can already be a nightmare during normal circumstances; it can be even more severe left unattended in an idle business property.

See our other business flood preparation tips for more information.

Another precautionary step to take to protect your business while it is closed is to review your insurance policy, update it for any changes and see if anything should be adjusted during this time. If you have questions about your insurance or need a broker to review your policy, our Foxquilt team is happy to help. Supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners has always been one of our core values. If you would like to suggest a tip or would like us to promote your small business, comment below or contact us! We want to share our platform to help you out.

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