Foxquilt Customer Spotlight: Kiinew Kwe Consulting


Nov 5, 2021

Learn more about Kiinew Kwe, how they're educating organizations and how Foxquilt helped with them.

Our Foxquilt team was able to help Kiinew Kwe, a consultancy educating businesses on cultural humility, Indigenous recruitment, community engagement and reconciliation, with Business Insurance tailored to their needs. We spoke with Kiinew Kwe owner, Tia Kennedy, to learn more about how they started, how they support Indigenous communities and how Foxquilt helped them find the right insurance built for their business.

Meet Kiinew Kwe

Tell us about Kiinew Kwe. What is it?

Kennedy: Kiinew Kwe provides Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consulting and coaching. We educate businesses to understand the true history between Canada and Indigenous peoples. We support them on their journey of reconciliation that best fits their gifts and resources.

When and how did Kiinew Kwe start?

Kennedy: I started my business in May 2021 after speaking as an anti-racism facilitator in various spaces. I wanted to be a part of an organization rooted in Indigenous values so I started my own.

What is Kiinew Kwe like now?

Kennedy: Impactful. I’ve been able to work with various municipal governments using a community focused and heart centered approach. Both parties have been really pleased with our outcomes and the goals we’ve accomplished.

How Foxquilt Helped Kiinew Kwe With Tailored Business Insurance

When did you realize you needed insurance for your business? Why did you ultimately choose Foxquilt for your insurance needs?

Kennedy: I had been doing workshops for a couple months but during my first opportunity to work with a big city, they requested proof of insurance. I had no idea how to get started! When I came across Foxquilt, they were quick, answered all my questions, personable and transparent. I had my insurance right away and was able to send my proof of insurance to obtain my first big contract.

Who did you work with and would you recommend Foxquilt to your community?

Kennedy: I worked with Kassa Kebede. Yes, for sure! He has been super helpful if I have any questions.

And finally, how has getting the right insurance coverage affected your business?

Kennedy: I didn’t need to spend anything more than what I needed! My insurance plan is perfect for me and all my needs. My original investment in insurance paid itself back quickly and now I don’t need to worry about anything else.

Check out Kiinew Kwe's website and the amazing work Tia does for organizations! You can also follow them on Instagram and LinkedIn. At Foxquilt, we love supporting local businesses, like Kiinew Kwe, by providing tailored, smarter Business Insurance solutions using our quick and simple process. Our Foxquilt team can work with you to determine what your business needs and find solutions tailored to your unique business with exclusive savings too! Get a quote today.

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