Foxquilt Customer Spotlight: INclusion INcorporated


Oct 8, 2020

Learn more about INclusion INcorporated, how they started and how Foxquilt helped with their Consulting insurance.

Our Foxquilt team was able to help founder and Chief INclusion Officer, Andrea Carey, provide her consulting firm, INclusion INcorporated, with Business Insurance customized to her needs. This month, we wanted to shine our Foxquilt Customer Spotlight on the special and important work they're doing and learn more how INclusion INcorporated came to be and how Foxquilt was able to help them out with the right Consultant Insurance!

Meet INclusion INcorporated

Tell us about INclusion INcorporated. What is it?

Andrea Carey: INclusion INcorporated is a consulting firm which supports leaders and their organizations on their inclusion journeys towards cultures of belonging. We're focused on customized solutions that will allow organizations to implement sustainable inclusion strategies, through training, action plans and tools.

When did INclusion INcorporated start?

Andrea Carey: Officially we launched the website last fall but formally started working to promote it in March 2020 – just as COVID hit!

How did you start INclusion INcorporated?

Andrea Carey: I have been working in the diversity and inclusion space over the past twelve years but always as part of another role. I recognized that this work needs intentional focus and energy; INclusion INcorporated brings extensive experience in business, facility operations, marketing and program development, in for profit, not for profit and charitable sectors – and now we can bring this experience to the work we do supporting clients through their inclusion journeys.

In May, we launched a speaker series called #BridgesofBelonging. It showcases the experiences of two leaders each session and their vulnerable journeys of belonging: when they felt like they belonged and when they didn’t, and what that has meant for their lives and how they bring that experience and learning into the roles they play and organizations they are involved in.

What is INclusion INcorporated like now?

Andrea Carey: It feels like we are really gaining momentum. Through COVID it was quiet at first, but we were supporting some clients; then June happened, and there was this reckoning and appreciation that racism exists. An understanding has emerged that every organization and each leader has a role to play in addressing the social justice challenges that our world is wrestling with. We are positioned to support this journey, and we are building our team of collaborators to ensure that we have the skills and expertise to support our clients needs.

We completely agree; we're happy to hear that leaders are taking focus on these very important aspects of their organizations and taking initiative to make changes. Let's learn more about you! What is your experience or background with consulting? How did you get involved with it to start INclusion INcorporated?

Andrea Carey: I have been operating a consulting firm since 2002, but have done a variety of different things with it – from event management, to sport coaching, to launching start up businesses. It has been a learning journey, and has allowed me to build a very diverse skillset and also to always bring an entrepreneurial lens to the work I am supporting with organizations.

How Foxquilt Helped INclusion INcorporated With Tailored Business Insurance

When did you realize you needed insurance for your business? Why did you ultimately choose Foxquilt for your insurance needs?

Andrea Carey: I had insurance previously and recognize what an important role it plays in your business planning and risk management. As we were building up INclusion INcorporated, we knew we would need insurance but during COVID, it was actually harder to find someone who could help with this. Foxquilt came as a recommendation from my classmate Aly; and Foxquilt made the process so easy and quick!

How did the process go - from getting a quote to getting covered?

Andrea Carey: So quick and easy!! An online form that walked me through intuitive questions and made it simple, to a follow up call the next day and then getting coverage within a few hours!

Who did you work with and would you recommend Foxquilt to your community?

Andrea Carey: Bobbie Sherwood and absolutely! Have already posted about my great experience on social media.

And finally, how has getting the right insurance coverage affected your business?

Andrea Carey: It allows me peace of mind as we embark on work that can be somewhat challenging and to pursue work with a wide variety of clients.

Learn why is business insurance important to have.

If you're looking for help creating a culture of belonging, inclusivity and connectivity in your organization, visit Andrea and her team at INclusion INcorporated to learn more about how they can provide you a customized solution. You can also follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! At Foxquilt, we love supporting businesses like INclusion INcorporated by providing companies a Business Insurance solution quickly, swiftly and smoothly. Whether you're looking for Consulting Insurance or Cyber Insurance, Foxquilt can work with you to determine what your business needs and locate solutions tailored to them with exclusive savings too! Get a quote today.

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