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Policy Admin System

With Foxden, you can seamlessly quote and bind policies online, administer them through a broker portal, and manage your entire book of business with a solid data and analytics backend.


Cloud Native Platform Admin System

Built for the cloud; scales up with your business, lets you manage simple or complex workflows - without breaking a sweat

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Fully Integrated End-to-End Platform

A fully integrated end-to-end insurance fulfillment platform, with a configurable purchase journey including underwriting, rating, quoting, and bind.

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Administration Portal

Foxden comes with its own administration portal for internal and external users.

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Rich Data & Analytics

Let the data match your business, instead of making your business match the constraints of an old fashioned database.

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Omni-Channel Distribution Ready

Foxden allows a multi-point distribution strategy, including direct, through agents, and brokers.


Complete With Data & Analytics

Foxden comes complete with a rich data model and a full analytics toolkit.


Flexible to Your Needs

You can start small, use only what you need and the platform can be configured to grow with your needs.


Start Small or Go Big - Seamlessly

Foxden is fully modular. You can use as little or as much of the platform as you like, from a simple frontend to advanced APIs.

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Cloud Native Platform

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Fully Configurable

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Auto Underwriting, Rating & Quoting

Credit Card

Online Payment


Full & Instalment Payment Options

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Instant Dynamic Policy Docs

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Full Purchase Journey

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Broker & Customer Portal

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Collect Leads That Don't Fit Appetite


Underwriting & Rating API


Advanced Data, Analytics, & BI

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Easily Add Integrations


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Foxden Used For?

Why Did You Build Your Own Platform?

I Need All My Data, Can You Provide That?

How Long Does It Take to Configure My Own Underwriting and Rating?

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