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Your existing insurance coverage, such as your commercial general liability insurance, your property insurance, your risk insurance and so on, are all there to protect your business, and day-to-day may be all the coverage you need. But for some businesses, or even some projects, a business will need to carry significantly more insurance than their standard policy allows. In those cases, umbrella insurance is specially designed to protect your business and provide it with a bigger safety net.

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Save up to 35% on smarter business insurance for Umbrella Insurance

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What is Umbrella Insurance for Businesses?

Umbrella insurance acts as a broad level of protection to safeguard a business and its assets. While it may be unlikely that a business is faced with a legal claim beyond their coverage limits, some claims may extend beyond that capacity. Commercial umbrella insurance is often confused with excess liability insurance, but there are key differences between the two. Excess liability insurance only extends one portion of your insurance, such as your property insurance. Umbrella business insurance is an overarching level of coverage that extends to a number of your policies simultaneously. If excess coverage is a slice, think of umbrella coverage as the whole pie.

Who Needs Umbrella Business Insurance?

  • All businesses should consider this coverage
  • It is normally recommended if your business needs more CGL limits than your main policy will cover

Examples of Umbrella Insurance Claims

Multiple Liabilities

Car Accident

Department Store with large inventory

Multiple Liabilities at an Amusement Park

A small coffee shop or restaurant may only need standard commercial general liability coverage. However, a venue such as an amusement park, which feeds and entertains tens of thousands of children each year, could encounter any number of liabilities (including several all at once) and will need umbrella coverage well above and beyond a standard package.

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When Should Businesses Purchase Umbrella Insurance?

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