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As a director or an officer of a corporation, you might think that you have automatic protection against anything that happens to the business. If the corporation runs into financial difficulty, or there’s some accusation that your non-profit has done something wrong, you might assume as a director that you’re teflon. The reality is that you’re only protected if the organization is carrying the right directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance.

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Save up to 35% on smarter business insurance for Management Liability (D&O)

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What is Directors and Officers Liability Insurance for Businesses?

There are three different types of directors and officers liability insurance, known in the insurance world as ‘Side A,’ ‘Side B,’ and ‘Side C.’

Side A

Side A coverage protects directors and officers of a corporation in the capacity that they are serving the corporation. If the CFO of a corporation has exposure for their financial decisions, for example, then their personal assets are protected under Side A.

Side B

Side B protects a corporation if they agree to indemnify (protect) a director or officer. If a business is subject to a lawsuit where the CFO is named personally, and the corporation agrees to cover the CFO’s claim, then Side B coverage would protect the corporation.

Side C

Side C coverage extends to public companies regarding security claims, and only applies in certain circumstances. It is also important to note that this insurance only protects those acting in a corporation’s best interest. Fraud, for example, will not be covered under D&O insurance.

Who Needs Management Liability Insurance?

  • Any business looking to attract the best directors and officers
  • Private, public businesses; non-profit organizations with a board or advisory committee
  • Directors and officers often expect a standard “hold harmless” agreement
  • Businesses without proper protective coverage may be putting their staff, or volunteers in the case of non-profits, at real risk.

Examples of Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Claims

A corporation declares bankruptcy

Bookkeeper error in preparing a company's financial statement

Inappropriate conduct at a non-profit charity

Employees arguing over the companies bankrupty

A corporation that’s been in serious financial trouble has no option but to declare bankruptcy. Everyone is angry, and there is a lot of finger pointing between the directors of the corporation and the officers/managers of the corporation. Side A management liability insurance could help protect the individuals from liability in any legal action.

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