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When we think of crime in the business context, we usually think of theft. A break-in at the office, customers with sticky fingers, or even staff taking excess merchandise from the stockroom are all familiar images, if not from real life than from movies and television. Yet crime insurance specifically covers money and securities, which some businesses deal with in large amounts, and which most certainly need extra protection.

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Save up to 35% on smarter business insurance for Crime (Employee Dishonesty)

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What is Crime Insurance for Businesses?

Businesses use crime insurance specifically to cover their cash. Crime insurance protects a business against all sorts of wrongful activity that can occur when it comes to money - including employee dishonesty, theft, fraud, forgery, or anything else of that nature. Crime insurance covers two primary classifications of theft. Inside theft refers to money stolen on a business’ premises. Outside theft refers to money stolen outside of the business’ location, such as en route to make a bank deposit.

Who Needs Crime Business Insurance?

Crime coverage is especially valuable for small business operations that have unformalized processes, policies and internal control measures in place. While larger corporations may have the budget for close monitoring and multiple layers of protection, smaller businesses can be incredibly vulnerable to fraud or employee dishonesty, especially when those employees are within the trusted inner circle.

Examples of Commercial Crime Insurance Claims

Bookkeeper Dishonesty

Employee Dishonesty

Skimming from cash deposits

Bookkeeper Stealing cheques

A bookkeeper for a small corporation is entrusted to handle the company’s finances. The bookkeeper is given a sizable cheque signed by the President and asked to fill in the details for a key supplier awaiting payment. Instead, they doctor the check, and deposit it into their personal account. Crime business insurance would help cover the associated losses.

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