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Whether you’re building a home, a duplex, a restaurant, you will need insurance coverage for the building once construction is complete. But during the construction process, or during major renovations, there is also a lot that can go wrong which can completely derail the construction process and cause a financial loss. During that ‘in between’ stage, the construction project should be covered by builder’s risk insurance.

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Save up to 35% on smarter business insurance for Builders Risk

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What is Builder's Risk Insurance for Businesses?

Builder’s risk business insurance can be thought of as a sort of ‘construction insurance.’ It covers the premises under construction or renovation, as well as the materials on site, from damage caused by weather conditions, fire, vandalism, theft, and so on. Builder’s risk is only meant to cover the construction stage, and usually lasts from 6 months but can go up to one year. Builder’s risk insurance is not the same as commercial general liability (CGL) insurance. CGL insurance is the overarching coverage that all businesses should carry, which covers things like personal injury. If there is a fire during renovations, builder’s risk insurance will cover the damage. If a delivery person slips on spilled paint while attending the construction site, CGL would cover the costs associated with that injury. That being said, a builder’s risk policy can also include CGL.

Who Needs Builder's Risk Business Insurance?

The property owner or contractor will usually require this type of insurance for new home construction, new commercial build construction, adding a second story or home-addition to the property or any other major renovation projects. Builder’s risk insurance coverage is meant to protect those with a financial stake in any construction or renovation project. It might also be required by some contracts, such as under the terms of a mortgage.

Examples of Builder's Risk Insurance Claims

Stolen materials from a property


Fire Damage from lightning

Break in

An apartment building has been undergoing major renovations before new tenants move back in, and during the night a group of teenagers have broken into the house and have stolen the new hardwood floors that were about to be installed. Builder’s risk insurance can protect against the loss.

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