Foxquilt Partnership Announcement: Jiffy


Jul 11, 2023

We know that it can be tough to manage your insurance as a small business. It can be hard to prove your experience, or access information for your style of operation, or find someone who can help outside of 9-5.

At Foxquilt, we let small businesses buy their insurance all online and save money by tailoring their policy to their specific operations. One of Foxquilt’s core passions is providing home service professionals with that seamless online buying and certificate experience. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Jiffy, a platform that has the same goal of ease and support for home service professionals!

Much like Foxquilt, Jiffy’s platform modernizes the outdated experience of connecting clients and home service professionals. By providing job alerts straight to your phone and automatically generating digital invoices after completed jobs, you can get and manage work, easier.

While having business insurance is a necessary part of being a home service professional, it doesn’t mean you should endure long waits, confusing insurance terms or one-size-fits-all policies just to protect your business. Through our partnership, Jiffy professionals can easily meet their insurance requirements. When working with Foxquilt, you’ll experience a user-friendly application and a digital purchasing experience. You can also leave the requirements to us - we will issue your proof of insurance directly to Jiffy.

"Trade professionals who embrace partnership with tech insurance companies unlock a powerful alliance, merging their expertise with cutting-edge coverage. Together, they build a shield of protection that safeguards innovation, mitigates risks, and paves the way for a future where progress thrives unimpeded," Thomas Thompson, Head of Sales at Jiffy.

The Foxquilt team is excited to team up with those who recognize the need to modernize outdated, inconvenient experiences to better support small business owners. “For us, this partnership aligns perfectly with our goal of uplifting small businesses,” said Josh Reznick, Foxquilt Vice President of Partnerships. “We strive to empower home service professionals with easier, more supportive insurance buying options, and Jiffy is empowering those same small businesses by making them more accessible to homeowners.”

If you or someone you know is disrupting the status quo and finding new ways to support small businesses, we would love to learn more. Reach out to our Foxquilt team to chat about our partnership opportunities.

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