The Insurance You Need for a Backyard Wedding

So you’re hosting a backyard wedding…

We love it! What a great idea. It saves on the cost of having to go out and hire a venue at ridiculously inflated price, and you get to share one of the great moments of your life, in the presence of your loved ones, in a place that you know and cherish.

When you rent a wedding hall, the venue takes care of insurance for the event but now you’re taking on the responsibility of making sure everything goes off without a hitch and making sure that everyone’s safe. What’s more; people are drinking on your watch and naturally, you can’t always have eyes on all people.

How can you protect yourself?

You can get liability insurance. Get more if you have a lot of guests.

Bear in mind that your existing Home Insurance might cover you – if you’re not breaking any laws, selling alcohol or breaking the terms outlined in the 3rd-party liability and personal property sections of your policy.

If one of your guests gets injured on your property, you could be covered for costs associated with the incident (like medical bills and legal fees, for example). If you’re planning on serving or selling alcohol, you’ll probably need to purchase some extra liability coverage.

If your property/belongings are damaged or stolen during your at-home wedding, repairs or replacement would fall under the property coverage section of your home insurance policy.

More people are spending time on your property so it’s naturally more perilous than when it’s just the family. Make sure you have coverage for everything on your property and review your policy limits. 

Upping your insurance doesn’t cost that much and could save you a wallet-related headache down the road. A Foxquilt representative can help you confirm that you’re all set to the required level of coverage for your dream day. 

Is there a chance my home policy won’t cover me the way I need it to?

Potentially, yes. Take half a day and investigate buying some specific wedding coverage – Again, it doesn’t cost that much – around the same amount as your typical, standard wedding gift, and it will likely comprise of:

1. A Higher Liability limit, reacting to the increased attendance exposure on-premises

2. Damage to the venue (your yard)

3. Injuries to guests and vendors

4. Protection for rented property (dj booth, band instruments, centrepieces)

5. Damage to the cake, flowers, gifts & decoration

6. Cancellation costs – if any risk underscores the very concept of why you get insurance, it’s this!

Serving Alcohol at a Backyard Wedding…

Whether you’ve hired a world-class mixologist or Kevin, your recently-Smart-Serve-qualified second cousin, to dazzle your guests with some signature drinks throughout the night, it’s you who’s responsible for obtaining a permit and liquor licence for the event.

The liquor licence and alcohol liability coverage you get through Foxquilt will protect you in an event where you’re held responsible for an incident where alcohol was a contributing factor.

Make sure you’ve got all the necessary permits.

Just like the caterer, the band and everything else, permits can take a while to secure so make sure to plan ahead when applying for one. Remember, you’ll need one since you’re: serving (or selling) alcohol, have a tent, have a band/dj and are hosting a dense amount of guest parking on the street.

Now, go and enjoy the big day!

We know you’re already stressed – between dealing with your mother-in-law and agreeing on band or DJ. Let Foxquilt do all the work and handle your at-home wedding insurance; we even have group insurance savings for wedding planners, photographers, musicians, chefs and everything in between. Once you’re able to check off insurance from your to-do list, you can focus on celebrating your big day with the ones you love! 

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