Safety Tips To Protect Your Vehicles & Employees | Transportation Professionals Insurance

When you’re a transportation professional, your business is literally built on the basis of safe driving – not to mention protecting your vehicles, employees and other drivers on the road. Having a bad accident can severely impact your business’s finances and reputation; having the right transportation professionals insurance coverage can help protect you from that as well as these other tips: 

Research Vehicles Before Buying

Just like you would with your own personal vehicle, research the safety features and ratings of potential vehicles you may purchase for your business. Ask questions like: How many airbags are there? What is the crash rate for this vehicle? Although money may seem like a priority when it comes to purchasing, having vehicles with good safety features and ratings can you save you a lot of money down the line by preventing expensive and dangerous accidents. 

Check your Employee’s Driving History 

Similarly, the person behind the wheel of your vehicle should have a good driving history too. Having the safest car on the road is useless if it’s in the hands of a reckless and aggressive driver. You can review someone’s driving history through ServiceOntario and see if they have a history of traffic violations and offenses. Remember to let applicants know that a review will be conducted to be employed in your business. 

Write Out Rules to Follow 

Take the time to write out a policy outlining good driving rules and points to follow. Communicate these rules to them vocally in meetings and visually with posters in the office. Having a system where drivers are rewarded and similarly, disciplined for following or breaking these rules can keep employees incentivized and more aware of their driving. 

These rules should be extended with meetings and training sessions teaching employees how to stay safe. These sessions should definitely be held for new employees but as refreshers for current employees too. 

Avoid Calling or Texting Drivers 

If you know one of your drivers is out on the road, avoid calling or texting them. Just like when we drive in our daily life, texting or talking on cellular devices can be extremely distracting, dangerous and lead to car accidents. If they must be contacted, encourage the use of hands-free devices; although the use of cell phones, hands-free or not, while driving should be discouraged completely. 

Having the Right Transportation Professionals Insurance 

Especially when it comes to driving, you can take all the right precautions, be the best driver on the road and still end up in an accident. Sometimes luck isn’t on your side that day; we understand that. That’s why it’s so important to have the right transportation professionals auto insurance to be prepared if one of your drivers does get into an accident. Having the correct auto insurance can cover the steep costs of damage and injury to your vehicle, employee and others.

With auto insurance rates increasing in Ontario, it’s more important than ever to shop around and research. Foxquilt does the work for you and shows multiple online quotes to find you the right coverage at the right price. You can even join up with other transportation professionals at Foxquilt to receive group savings on your home or business insurance. Bundle them with auto insurance for even more discounts! 

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