Home Insurance Tips to Start the New Year Protected

Insurance may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think about New Year’s resolutions and fresh starts but it is an ideal time to review your policy, prepare your home for spring and subsequently, set the rest of your year for success. These insurance and home tips can help you start the new year on the right foot especially if you didn’t get a chance to do these things during the busy holiday season. Not only do they set your home insurance in Ontario up for success; they’re probably easier to get done than committing to the gym post-holiday dinners.

Review coverage

It’s a new year and things change – c’est la vie! Take a moment to review your insurance policy especially if you didn’t look at it all last year. If you find anything that needs to be changed, let your insurance provider know. 

Update for gifts

Similarly, you may have received some new, high value, special gifts from the holidays. Think jewelry, collectibles, computer software, furs and so on. Be sure to let your insurance provider know so they can appropriately update your special limits. Learn more about contents insurance and common high value items that have special limits.

Don’t forget to bundle 

While you’re reviewing or updating your insurance, see if you can bundle any of your properties for a discount. For example, at Foxquilt, you can bundle your auto insurance with your home insurance to save!

Winter tire discount 

Put on your winter tires! Not only can they literally be lifesavers on poor, icy road conditions, they can help give you a discount on your auto insurance. Check out 11 other fall and winter car maintenance tips to stay safe and prepared for mother nature in Ontario.

Check on your chimney

If you own a fireplace, this can be a good time to hire a chimney sweeper to give your chimney a look and clean it – especially if you used it more frequently during the holiday season. Want to avoid home insurance claims in the winter? Follow these home winter safety tips to decrease the chances of a claim happening.

The Importance of Home Insurance in Ontario

Sometimes even with all the right precautions, accidents and claims happen but if they do this year, you’ll be thanking New Years you for preparing your insurance for whatever life throws at you. If you need help reviewing your policy or want a new, more affordable change of pace with your insurance, check out Foxquilt! We let you leverage your hobby or community for group savings on your insurance with other like minded individuals.

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