How to Avoid Home Insurance Claims in the Winter (And Protect Yourself!)

We, Canadians, know firsthand how treacherous our winters are. The last thing anyone wants is to have to file an insurance claim on their home because of an unexpected event  like ice or water damage. Here are some best practices to follow around the house to make the unexpected – expected.

Hate to Burst Your Pipe

Prevent the literally freezing cold weather from freezing your pipes by occasionally running warm water and checking that exterior faucets and hoses are turned off. Otherwise, you run the risk of them exploding and bursting – leading to a water damage claim. A tremendous amount of water damage can happen if your pipes burst while you’re on vacation. Avoid a disaster by having a neighbour or friend check on your house every few days and by turning off your main water supply and the breaker/fuse for your hot water heater.

Don’t Break Out the S’mores Yet

Before you start burning your wood or gas fireplace, hire a chimney sweeper to inspect and clean your chimney. Keep it clean afterwards by regularly vacuuming your wood fireplace. The same goes for gas burning fireplaces, maintain and clean the vent and fan. Failure to do so can result in a house fire.

Warming Up?

Get ready to crank your furnace or space heater by making sure they are properly functioning and clean. Also, double check that there is nothing like furniture or carpet directly in front of any vents or space heaters. Remember to set a timer on your space heater especially if it’s on while you’re sleeping! These precautions can prevent a disaster like a house fire.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Ice dams are a silent killer; they are the production of ice on your roof eaves. They can cause major water and ice damage or worse – they could potentially cause your roof to cave in! Ice dams occur when roofs are too warm, causing the snow on it to melt and form ice on your eaves. Our best advice is to hire a professional. They can help make sure your roof is properly insulated and check for air leaks. You should also avoid letting snow build up on your roof; again, a professional can help remove excess snow.

Sometimes we can take all the right precautions and accidents still happen. No worries, let us help at Foxquilt.