How Affordable Is Renter’s Insurance & What Does It Cover?

Insurance is often disregarded or has its corners cut when people are not legally required to get it like as is the case with auto insurance. The assumption is usually that the freak accident or damage won’t happen to you but you shouldn’t put your possessions and finances at risk for such a big “What if?” Especially with Foxquilt, renter’s insurance can be affordable, simple and even fun! Peace of mind and security are absolutely worth it in your new apartment, your new home sweet home. 


Often a deterrence for people getting insurance is the assumption that it’ll be an expensive and costly investment each month. That especially doesn’t have to be the case with Foxquilt. We found a modern solution for Canadians to get affordable insurance by leveraging our everyday social groups, hobbies and passions for group savings and rewards on insurance. When you’re a gamer, stone mason, pet lover or anything in between, it’s fun to find your community and group at Foxquilt. 

Need help deciding on your group? Learn how to determine which one to join here.

By joining up with a group, you can get rewarded in discounts at premium, at claim and at renewal – making renters insurance more affordable. There’s even a group for renters! Affordability isn’t the only benefit to group insurance, check out the many benefits of group insurance.


Contents Insurance 

Covers your belongings if they get damaged or lost in most common perils/risks up to a specific amount

All Risk

Covers your building and belongings from the largest range of perils/risks unless it is specifically excluded

Personal Liability

Covers damages if someone or their property gets injured/damaged unintentionally by you or your property

Replacement Cost 

Covers your belongings for how much it would cost to replace them without factoring in depreciation of its value

Additional Living Expenses 

Covers the costs of having to temporarily locate elsewhere after a claim occurs like the cost of a hotel and eating out

Moving into an apartment and calling it your new home is an amazing feeling; it shouldn’t be taken all away if an unexpected accident happens and you don’t have insurance to cover the damages. Foxquilt can help you every step of the way in getting the right and affordable insurance coverage for your apartment so you can have the peace of mind your deserve in your home.

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