How Home Insurance in Canada Can Cover Halloween Damage

Although Halloween is usually a fun and exciting night, some people take the “trick” in trick or treat too seriously. Unfortunately, Halloween can mean vandalism and mischief – from toilet papering to egging to spray painting. All of these pranks may seem harmless to tricksters but homeowners know how damaging they can be on a house. For example, the corrosive quality of egg whites can damage paint finishes. Waking up and seeing your garage door tagged with spray paint is a nightmare on any day of the year but having home insurance in Canada can help cover the cost of repairs and quickly get your home back to the way it was. 

Here are some other surprising things your home insurance covers.

How Home Insurance in Canada Can Help

If you have any homeowner’s insurance policy, odds are you are covered for fire, smoke, explosion, vandalism, malicious acts, civil disturbances and/or riot. These coverages are usually not excluded from most broad form policies and are normally listed perils under a Named Perils policy. 

You should be wary though if you have a vacant house or a home under major renovations as the first coverages to be excluded in these circumstances are vandalism, malicious acts and glass breakage. If your home is unoccupied for an extended period or undergoing renovations, it’s wise to review your home insurance policy with you insurance company to be sure how they define “vacant” and/or “major renovations.” 

No matter what type of home insurance policy you have or what condition your home is in, it’s important to consider the exclusions on your policy. There are often specific items that are limited or excluded from coverage altogether – such as trees and shrubs, business property, garden tractors and jewellery. Certain perils are even excluded from all-risk policies – such as damage caused by rodents and intentional or criminal damage caused by anyone insured/directed by anyone insured under most policies.

With home and auto insurance rates in Canada increasing, it’s more important than ever to see a comparison of choices to find the most affordable rates. It may sound like a day’s worth of research but it doesn’t have to be with Foxquilt’s online quote. We do the work for you and give you better buying power by showing you multiple choices for rates. So when you’re filing your home insurance claims because an egg flew through your window last night, you won’t break a sweat because we’ve got you covered.

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