Canadians Deserve Affordable Home Insurance | Here’s the Solution

With increasing rates, it feels like home insurance is getting less and less affordable for Canadians. It has become more imperative to shop around for the right home and auto insurance.  Foxquilt has found a modern solution to insurance; now homeowners can find the right product at the right price at the right time.

By focusing on community and social groups, Foxquilt offers affordable insurance through technology while emphasizing a human connection. Whether you’re a pet lover, a gamer, or a carpenter, there’s a group for your hobby, interest, or passion for you to join and get savings on your home, renters, or business insurance. By teaming up with other people, you join a pool of money that’s only getting bigger as more people join. The bigger the pool, the less money it’ll cost when you file a claim and at premium.

Foxquilt is also partnered with Canada’s leading insurance companies to offer you more than one product to give you more bargaining control and buying power. We also know that we have leverage as an insurance company with numerous groups of customers so we will fight for you, on your behalf, for better products and prices.

Since your group will always be growing, you’ll benefit at renewal too. By being in group, you’ll have power in numbers so your renewal rate won’t go up drastically.

Group insurance was the way insurance began; Foxquilt is taking a tried and true method and adding technology to create a modern solution to insurance because Canadians deserve better for their homes, families, and businesses.

Get a free quote online and join your group today.