Affordable Auto Insurance Tips for Rideshare, Bus & Carpool Drivers

Between the financial and environmental benefits, ridesharing, carpooling and bussing is becoming more pertinent and necessary than ever. As a driver of these services though, it feels like it’s impossible to get affordable auto insurance in Ontario – especially with auto rates increasing. Rates getting too expensive and becoming unaffordable is a common reason why people switch auto insurance companies so you’re definitely not alone in this struggle. But with special scenarios like frequently carrying other passengers or “high risk drivers”, you need affordable auto insurance that also covers all your specific needs. We broke down what you should look for in your coverage and how to get affordable auto insurance for rideshare, bus and carpool drivers:

Quality yet Affordable Auto Insurance for Rideshare, Bus and Carpool Drivers

If you carry passengers for pay – whether it be: driving a coach bus, taking gas money to carpool co-workers, picking up rideshare, taxi or limo passengers and even organizing sight-seeing or bar-hop tours – you may be jeopardizing your affordable auto insurance coverage if something were to happen. Your personal use policy may be appropriate for what you’re doing, with the right endorsement or policy changes added, but not all insurance companies are equal. Most insurance companies will deny a claim if they were unaware of the fact that you often carry other passengers – even if they do allow it on a personal auto insurance policy.  Some insurance companies even exclude this use altogether. 

If you are using the vehicle to carry paying passengers for any reason other than ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft, you may very well need a “public” use policy. This is a commercial auto insurance policy that is specifically rated around carrying paying passengers and would apply for buses, taxis, limos and any automobile that would carry clients/customers as part of their service offered. “Public” in this sense doesn’t mean it is open to the public like a city bus or hailing a taxi. But they’re also not “private” in the sense that they will be used to carry passengers that are just friends, family or for pleasure. If you plan on carrying passengers for any reason other than pleasure, let Foxquilt help. We can make sure you’re getting affordable auto insurance quotes for the coverage you need – and you won’t end up with a denied auto insurance claim after paying all those premiums.

Affordable Car Insurance Companies

Between new drivers or high risk drivers, it feels like there isn’t quality yet affordable auto insurance available in Toronto. At Foxquilt, we’re more than your typical insurance broker because we actually care. We’ll walk you through your plan step-by-step so you understand auto your insurance and to make sure you have the coverage you need; we know not every driver is the same. We’re also paired with leading Canadian insurance providers so we shop around for the best rate for you. 

If you have a home or commercial property that also needs insurance, you can bundle your auto insurance with it for a discount too. You can also join up with other transportation professionals on your home or commercial insurance for group savings and rewards. 

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