8 Things Everybody Forgets to Clean During Spring Cleaning

There’s something about spring that makes everyone want to purge their closets and deep clean the bathtub. But before you get your Marie Kondo book and cleaning supplies out, there are a few spring home maintenance tips and tricks to keep note of that people often forget. Don’t miss these household objects that you use everyday when you’re doing your spring cleaning:

Mildew, Mil-don’t

Have you ever been in the shower, looked around you and noticed all the gross mildew on your shower curtain? We may notice it every time we take a shower but we always seem to forget to actually clean it! Luckily, you don’t have to spend the money on buying a brand new one every time. Your fabric, vinyl or plastic shower curtain can easily go into the washing machine with warm water, regular laundry detergent and a little bleach. This would be a good time to throw in any dirty towels or rags too, especially because they help buffer your shower curtain in the washing machine.

Speaking of the Washing Machine…

Even your washing machine can get grimey and deserves a clean regularly too! Pour two cups of vinegar into your machine and run it on the large load and hot water settings. Afterwards, pour an additional cup of baking soda on the same settings to fully clean your washing machine. Regularly maintaining your washing machine is a good habit to start this spring to keep it working cleanly and efficiently.

Don’t Forget the Dishwasher Too!

The leftover tuna from your casserole dish doesn’t just magically disappear every time you use the dishwasher – it deserves some TLC too! Put a large dishwasher safe cup or bowl of vinegar in the upper shelf of your dishwasher – no soap or detergent needed – and let it run through a hot water cycle. Doing this regularly will keep away grime and unwanted smells in your dishwasher.

What If I Use a Kitchen Sponge?

If you wash dishes by hand, then you know how gross and stinky kitchen sponges get. They’re basically the perfect moist bed for bacteria and germs. While you can throw them away and buy a new one, kitchen sponges can easily be cleaned and disinfected by leaving them to soak overnight in a bleach solution. Don’t forget any kitchen rags too; throw them in the washing machine to clean as well.

Germs for Lunch

If your lunch is starting to smell and not in a good way, spring is a good time to remember to clean your lunch bag too. Imagine all the different spills and leaks from various meals built up inside your lunch bag. Just like clothing, check the label inside your bag for instructions on how to clean it in the washing machine. You will most likely use a gentle cycle on cold water and hang to dry.

It’s Okay to Cry Over Spilled Milk This Time

Most of us don’t think about washing our reusable grocery bags; groceries go in and out within the same day – what’s the big deal? Just like our lunch bags, think about all of the leaky milk carton and meat tray juices built up over time in the fabric that directly touches your food and groceries. According to USA Today, 99% of the reusable grocery bags they tested had bacteria on them while another 8% even had E. coli on them. Reusable grocery bags can easily be cleaned in the washing machine with detergent on a hot water cycle.

Spring Is a Good Time to Clean Out Your Closets…And Your Fridge.

The same way your closet hoards ugly Christmas sweaters and too tight jeans – your fridge also hoards expired ketchup and jam. Spring is a good time to empty out the fridge of any old food products and give all the sticky shelves and drawers a clean as well. For a natural solution, use water and vinegar to clean your fridge.

Burning Calories and Bacteria

Spring is also the perfect time to start exercising again too. If you own exercise machines or gym equipment, remember to wipe them down after each use – just like you would at any other gym. Water and vinegar is a combo that works here too. Use a cloth to wipe the solution on your equipment and another cloth to dry it afterwards.

Something about the rejuvenation of nature and sun in April and May springs up the desire to cleanse and start anew too. All of these tips can be implemented during the spring but should be kept up routinely the rest of the year as well to lead a clean home. Most importantly, you need insurance to protect and cover your beautifully clean home. Join other homeowners this spring for groups savings on your home insurance at Foxquilt.

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